Welcome To Judi's Joint
Welcome To Judi's Joint

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Salutations! If you were looking for me, you've found me..congratulations!

 My name's Judi, and I live in Tucson, Arizona with my sons Wyatt, Daryl, and Gabriel,  our 12 cats, gerbils, and 2 aquariums. Yes, you heard correctly...we're managing a menagerie here! Come on in, sit down, stay a spell, and enjoy yourself. If you have any comments, questions,  or suggestions, feel free to speak up in the guestbook, or email me.

Enjoy your stay.


You'll find the navigational panel on the left...just follow the yellow brick road...oh wait...that's not right...I mean follow the links to see my other pages!


Ok...the family photo page is now completed! Whew!

I've also finished putting up the photos for the first pet page, and most of the photos for the second pet page.

Don't forget to visit the cool and fun stuff page - the online games have Wyatt's stamp of approval.

October 11, 2005 was a big day for our family...our twin boys, Daryl Dean, and Gabriel Gene, were born! I will be adding a page for them soon.

Here's a self-portrait done in January, 2005.

Man, do I look old! Where'd the time GO?

 (No, I'm not going to launch into my version of  Sunrise, Sunset !)



On my pages you'll find family photos, a page or two about our pets, some of my original poetry, my original creations, some cool fun stuff, and some other things.

 There's so much stuff that you'll feel we're part of your family by the time you're done wandering around here!

Hey...can I have the keys to the car now?



Ok...so what're you waiting for already? Click a link! Hurry up...we're waiting!



Oh yes....if you'd like to check out my group on Yahoo, click the button. I've JUST started it, so be patient and we'll get the members' numbers up...just give it time.


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Here's Wyatt, Gabriel, & Daryl 

my three sons

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